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Process Pumps for Industry

Self Priming Liquid Ring Pumps



* Self Priming, Up to 28’Lift, Vacuum to 28” Hg

* Liquid Flows to 80 GPM

* 1800 or 3600 Pump RPM

* Performance Capability to 230 TDH, 100 PSI

* Up to 15 Horsepower

* 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” NPT Port sizes

* Available with Single or Three Phase Motors in Premium Efficient, High Efficient, Explosion Proof, Washdown, TEFC and ODP Motors

* Shaft Seal Systems include Acrylic/Graphite or PTFE Packing for ‘Dry Running’ and John Crane™ Type 1, 9 or 2106 Mechanical

* Most API Flush Plans are Available for High Temperature, Corrosive or Crystallizing Applications

* Standard Cast Iron, Bronze or 316 Stainless Steel Construction Materials are Available



Refineries-fluid transfer

Machine Tool-coolant & lubricant circulation

Marine-bilge pump, fresh water

Agriculture-water, fertilizer

Plastics-vacuum holding, forming

Manufacturing Facilities-fluid transfer, portable or stationary filtration pump systems

Power Plants & Utilities-fluid transfer




Priming systems for centrifugal pumps

High suction lift

Vacuum heating systems

Condensate service

Residential/basement water pumps

Oil transfer service

Sanitary drinking water supply

Volatile non-hazardous liquids

Foaming liquids

Non-lubricating liquids

Model CLR

Model CHLR

Model LR




Text Box: Base Mounted Model LR Standard Dimensions
Text Box: * All dimensions are approximate and will vary based on motor type and enclosure
Text Box: Custom bases and mounting configurations available. Standard base materials are carbon steel, painted. Stainless steel and special paints are available.Shaft/Coupler cover is OSHA/MSHA approved.

Model CLR Dimensions *

Lobee Liquid Ring Pumps are ideal for many applications not practical for other pumps. They will pump small capacities at high heads and self prime up to 28 foot maximum suction lift (sea level) producing its rated capacity despite air pockets or siphons in the suction line. Pumps water, air, vapor or any combination of each without hammering or pounding.
Simple in construction, only one moving part, and foolproof in operation. It requires no priming chamber, no foot or check valves, no springs, pistons or gears. Complete axial and radial balance of impeller reduces bearing loads to a minimum. Impeller is keyed to shaft but is free to float axially and center itself in the casing, maintaining liquid films between its faces and the casing walls requiring no need for adjusting the clearance.
The liquid being pumped acts as a piston in the pump. Without metal-to-metal contact, there is little wear or maintenance.

CLR Performance Charts

Our New CHLR Series expands the Liquid Ring product range to include 3 new high performance pumps. Standard configuration includes a 3600 RPM motor, balanced impeller and a John Crane™ Type 2106 mechanical seal. Overall efficiency has been improved by over 50% with Total Dynamic Head capability up over 30% as compared to the CLR. See charts below...


In addition, application performance can be greatly enhanced by using a Variable Frequency Drive (motor inverter) on the Model CHLR 3600 RPM Liquid Ring Pumps. All motors have a 10:1 turndown ratio which will enable a fully adjustable flow and pressure (head) range that takes full advantage of the New CHLR’s capabilities. A single pump can be used for many pumping tasks, reducing costs and providing increased versatility.


Available PDF files:

Model CHLR Dimensions *

CHLR Performance Charts

Total dynamic head in feet based on clean, cold water and 1750 or 3600 rpm motor. The head capacity and efficiency curves apply only for liquids having a viscosity less than 40 SSU. The brake horsepower (BHP) curves are based on a specific gravity of 1.00. To determine the BHP for other liquids multiply these values by the specific gravity.


NPSHR (Net Positive Suction Head Required) data for new CHLR Liquid Ring Pumps is forth coming as testing is in process. Based on a higher motor speed NPSHR will be slightly higher than published CLR numbers. For additional performance data please contact factory.

The Lobee liquid ring pumps operate opposite how typical liquid rings pumps do… They do not compete with the volumetric output and efficiencies of dedicated air/gas liquid ring pumps. The Lobee LR pump handles a higher liquid flow and a minor air/gas flow against a negative pressure environment. So, compared to other manufacturers which can flow a large volume of air/gas at various vacuum levels, our liquid ring pumps of comparable HP will pump only 15-20% air/gas volume in the same vacuum environment…but ours will pump 1,000% more lower viscosity liquids (40 SSU or less).


Conventional liquid ring pumps deliver a higher ACFM air/gas with a minimal liquid flow capability, whereas the Lobee LR pumps deliver minimal air/gas with a higher fluid flow. Historically our pumps have been used to augment processes in which a stand alone vacuum pump cannot handle the amount of fluid that needs to be evacuated. So the dedicated vacuum pump evacuates the air/gas mass at what ever requirement and our liquid ring handles or evacuates the liquids. An example would be the plastics industry for this type of application.


On applications where the air/gas evacuation demand is low, say < 20 ACFM, but fluid evacuation is relatively higher, our liquid ring works very well because it handles this ratio of air/gas to liquid very efficiently…